A window to your imagination


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Gorogoa is a puzzle and adventure game in which you have to play with the perspective and general concept of the window, which is understood to be the gateway to new worlds beyond that which you can see with your own eyes.

All of this translates into gameplay that asks you to play around with different windows that appear on your screen, making them fit into the game's narrative, and moving puzzle pieces to create continuity within the story.

It may seem quite complicated at the beginning, but if you take the time to play a little, you'll figure it out in no time. For example, in one moment you may have to get closer to the perspective of a window, so that it will fit into the background of a different window, which will itself be able to connect to a third.

Gorogoa is a charming game, with spectacular visuals that place it more in the world of art than of video games. Thanks to this beautiful environment, paired with fun, original gameplay, you're sure to be hooked for a good time figuring it all out.

The demo version only includes the first few phases of the game.